Afro is Neurotic

But that’s okay he is an emu. Actually I am not even sure that he is a he or a she.  Anyway, one day there he was, in the back pasture just kinda hanging out with the cows. Don’t know how he got there or where he came from.

Unfortunately for poor Afro, he is not very attractive, a little on the scary side and generally a ranch outcast.

emu pic

The cows tolerate him well enough, he eats the feed that falls out their trough and can easily side step an irritated mama cow with a calf in tow. But he and the horses….nope, not a match. I am not sure who is more frighten of who, but it is best to just not keep them together.

Right now he is up in the front of the house in one of the weaning pens. He spends most of his day pacing back and forth (hence the neurosis).

He looks a lot better than when he first arrived, his feathers have calmed down and the little top knot of fluff on his head (Afro) has filled out, so we think he is happy enough. Some of my friends though, have said I should give him to the zoo, but geez how would I get him there??? He is not like the cattle that you just load in a trailer and move on….. Anyway we believe God sent him to us for a reason, what reason, I don’t know….so he stays.

Though not neurotic like Afro, I am obsessed. There are many times (like going to market) that I see a canvas and just have to have it. When will I find time to stitch it is irrelevant.  When you own a LNS this can happen daily ( I must learn to pace myself).

IMG_3362Case in point is this amazing Gingerbread Christmas Tree from Shelly Tribbey. Now my whole Christmas decorating theme (yes, of course I have a decorating theme) is based around this piece. Went to market saw it, had to have it, done. I have customers who also have this obsession, thankfully, which is why I am still in business.


Like usual you can buy this great canvas by clicking here, or calling 361.572.0088!

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