Blackie is a one ton

Though I may be obsessed with needlepoint, I have an extreme fetish for pick up trucks.  Yes, another Texas icon. This manifested itself in high school when I first saw a Ford F-150. Done deal.

Blackie, as I affectionately call her is my current craze, a 2011 Ford F-350. Yes, she is a female, I have never trusted a male to take me where I am going. The current in a long line of big rigs, she can haul with the best of them! Load of cattle, no problem, tractors on the flat bed, sure thing, but also just me, Karma and Bruzr (my two dog sidekicks) headed home after work.

The Redhead (my husband) is my enabler. Over the years trucks have been the norm for various gift needs. One year I received a Deuce and half, a two and half ton army truck that, in later years he dubbed too small, so now I have a 5 ton Army truck that my grandsons adore. My grandson Trace has named her “Wrecking Crew”  and Davis, who is three isn’t even as tall as the tires.

Davis and "Wrecking Crew"
Davis and “Wrecking Crew”

Another of my favorite rigs is a 1963 restored Power Wagon. She did a stint as the fire truck for the small town of Stonewall, Texas. Now she just carts grand kids over high mountain roads in search of various adventures. She is my avatar! See her in my profile.

The Coleman is a 1962 snow plow, who lived most of its life on the Taos ski mountain before coming to retire with me. A cacophony of colors, but a true workhorse (most women are, right???)

IMG_2748 (1)

As you might guess Blackie is black, which is my favorite color, or as Elaine (who runs the shop) told me black is not a color, but the absence of hue. Well anyway it is still my favorite. Several years ago I finally stitched a stocking for myself.

It, of course has a lot of black. This Liz Goodrick-Dillon stocking was just so striking I had to stitch for somebody!IMG_3807

I consider myself more of a “realist” stitcher. I love fanciful stitches, but Liz stockings just seem to scream the need for life like. Most all of the Santa beards that I stitch in stockings are solid outline (or stem) stitch.

IMG_3592 (2)

The poinsettias were quick work in an angled satin stitch, same for the leaves and then just a few beads for the centers and the berries.

I just love his beard flowing thru the pine needles.


Santa with Poinsettias can be purchased by clicking here, calling 361.572.0088 or logging on to


2 thoughts on “Blackie is a one ton

  1. Personally, I favor vintage trucks, 30s & 40s. Love your Santa. FYI, in pigment, black is the presence of all colors; in light, it is the absence of all color. Learned this when I took a class on lighting!


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