The Yaks are coming

Santa Fe is beautiful whens it snows. The chile ristras and boughs are just starting to come out for Christmas decorations and now they are covered in a light dusting of snow.  My husband, the Redhead and I have come to Santa Fe for business and are having dinner and a glass of wine at a nice restaurant.  This rare occasion is because he went to visit a yak farm today.  Apparently, I need some yaks and it is far better to inform me of this over a nice dinner and a glass of wine. It has taken over thirty years to turn this Yankee city girl into a cattle woman and now you want me to do what?!?!?….. Maybe two glasses of wine.

In an effort to keep our ad valorem taxes low he has been researching animals we could raise in the mountains. We tried raising steers for several years. The mountain lions loved that. Then he looked into buffalo. They can fend off coyotes and mountain lions, but they can also bust a fence and run for miles. Yeah right, we border the national forest…. nope. So now it looks like the yaks are coming. Yaks are healthy as a meat source and once a year you can comb them and use their down to process into yarn. Okay I’m into fibers, I could maybe go for that. But we shall see…..the saga continues……

So in the mean time I have finished a backgammon game board that my oldest daughter started…..

IMG_3978This piece was way too fun. The original set came with game pieces that we have not been able to find anymore (part of the problem when it takes so long to finish something). So I think I will try to make some pieces with FIMO to look like the middle medallions.

IMG_3979Needless to say we will have to wait and see how that turns out……

I also finally finished Dylan’s garden!


IMG_3992Just a wild as my crazy haired granddaughter….

So I thought my favorite was the springy blue stem on the big tall flower, but that little rainbow snail with the bobble eyes has stolen my heart!!!

IMG_3993As you can guess with all those little beads and things it would be way too tempting for an 18 month old to pick all that off, so it won’t be a pillow anymore, it needs to framed.  So off to the finisher, when they come back I will let you see how they turn out…..






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