Life’s a Game…

But GOLF IS SERIOUS…… at least in our family.

IMG_1371This would be my grandmother (Nana) practicing in her back yard. Got to love it.

And it was just Masters Week!!! For those of you who don’t know or don’t care this is golf’s first major tournament of the year. Last year about this time, The Redhead and I took our whole family to this prestigious event, including two of the grand kids. We all stayed together in one house (yikes!) and took turns sharing the passes, watching the players, and enjoying the pomp and the beauty of the place. Even if you don’t like golf, it is one of the most beautiful places to see.

IMG_4560My tribe last year at the Masters

And yes, I have seen a lot of golf courses…

All three of my daughters played golf in high school, even taking their high school to its first state championship (yes, women’s golf), but Sarah was the only one whose game carried on to college. Sarah is my youngest daughter, a good six and eight years younger than her sisters, she had the luxury of having her parents cart her all over the country chasing a little white ball. In high school she took the school to 3 out of 4 state championships. She played junior golf on the Nike tour and for the American Junior Golf Association in both the summers and on many weekends. She played for Texas A&M, lettering for four years. She even finished well when she played in the 2012 US Women’s Amateur, with her coach as her caddie.

IMG_0282 (2)The TV interview

IMG_0675The final putt as a college golfer, yes it was a birdie!

MO 019I think she was so good because she was part contortionist

But she elected to stay in Aggieland to get her Masters (degree) and is now a financial analyst in Dallas. Golf is now a past time. The Redhead and I miss chasing after her and the little white ball, but now I have grand kids to chase after!

When she was in grade school, Sarah asked if I could stitch a new stocking for her. She picked out the canvas she wanted. Of course it is a Liz Goodrick-Dillon, Santa & Critters stocking.

IMG_4551As you can see instead of bells and tassels, this stocking sports a little Aggie golf bag. Santa’s beard IS most of this stocking and is again stitched in an outline stitch with Wisper by Rainbow Gallery.

IMG_4553The snow owl was done in turkey work and satin stitches.

IMG_4556The pine cones were stitched in a buttonhole stitch with an Impressions over dye. Lots of beading and french knots, satin stitches with blending filament for the holly leaves and a beaver cuff to top it off.

But being the marooned blooded Aggie that I am, the tributes do not stop there…more kool aid.

IMG_4537Sarah’s Santa is a Texas Aggie cowboy. Amanda Lawford custom painted this one with a black lab in tribute to the Redhead’s big black lab, Ranger. The canvas usually comes with a border collie.


Sporting a maroon cowboy hat,  I added a Aggie ‘buckle’. His fabulous beard is interlocking gobelin, again in Wisper and edged with Krenik silver. His waistcoat is done in Silk Lame Braid in a byzantine stitch. The buttons are layered beads. The Teddy bear is all french knots and the fur on Santa’s magnificent robe is sheared lamb from a wool market that I couched on.


Santa is, of course, bringing some lucky Aggie a new set of golf clubs and the Bevo (longhorn) with his horns “sawed” off. I actually bought a toy longhorn, cut his horns off, drilled a hole in them to attach to the Santa. What any good Aggie would do….. and now we are not even in the same conference……

So again we at Past Times needlepoint would love to make this stocking and/or Santa yours! Please call us at 361.572.0088 or check us out online at

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