Lies and Bull *%#@!

About 50 something (but numbers don’t really matter), married about 35 years (again numbers don’t matter), to my Redhead, who was the one that told me “you have to do this”. I have three amazing daughters, Meggie, Harper and Sarah. Four grandchildren, who in reality are my life, MaryAnn, Trace, Davis and Baby DJ (Dylan).

I love cooking, gardening and being at the ranch, but my passion, my outlet is needlepoint!

So why “Renegade”????

This will not be your standard needlepoint blog. I have owned a LNS (local needlepoint shop), Past Times since the day before 9/11.  All the canvases you see here can be purchased from my website, or by calling 361.572.0088.  BUT,  this is not my full time occupation (which is rancher and energy investor), nor will it be a litany of “have to”s, you will never see needlepoint police at my shop and I do not care what the back of piece looks like. I do not and have never used a frame (WHAT?!?!) and if you get it in the wrong #%@ hole I will try to help you fix it.  All I want is for our customers to be happy, relaxed and enjoying what they make. This is your past time and you don’t need something else to add stress to your life.

So join me in the escapades and adventures of the Renegade Needlepointer….. Whooohooo here we go!

One thought on “Lies and Bull *%#@!

  1. Hey MaryAnn,
    Tough loss yesterday…
    I saw a Melissa Shirley purse canvas I just love… When there is time would you find out if still in production..
    Beetle Purse Canvas
    On my Pinterest.


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