Princesses, Bows and Boots

I am blessed with two Princesses. My granddaughters are eleven and 2 years. Therefore, I know the names of all the Disney princesses and mermaids, names of fairy horses, which princess uses a magic wand and who got to kiss Prince Charming. Since I have three daughters, I had a head start on this, but it became far more important knowledge in the future generation. Barbie and Hello Kitty to come.


MaryAnn is my first grand child, my name sake and the keeper of a large chunk of my heart. Spit and vinegar sprinkled with powdered sugar, she will keep her mother very busy for many years to come (pay backs are hell).

MaryAnn was was due to make her appearance in early February 2005. In the hospital that she was born, every time a baby is delivered they would play a snippet of Brahms lullaby. It is uncanny how a grandmother can know exactly when its their grandbaby’s song. Sitting and stitching in the waiting room, I knew instantly. I jumped and ran through the door and there stood her dad holding a pink blanket full of wiggling pink baby. Life has never been the same.

Well Granddaughters and princesses both grow up. MaryAnn has turned into a regular pre teenager and happily for me she loves being a cowgirl and so, my second granddaughter, DJ will have to take over the princess duties.


Prior to her birthday I can remember vividly being at the January market in San Diego walking up to the Liz Goodrick Dillon booth and first seeing the canvas that would become her stocking. Ya know that feeling when you see something and it just has to come home with you…..


It was the perfect one. I had the background down right away. I really believe that horizontal brick stitch is a great sleeper stitch. It is great at showing movement. Here it was done in a Caron Collection overdyed silk. The scattering of snow flakes are various bullion knots mainly in Rainbow Gallery Artic Rays. The dress was done in Flair in a stem stitch.


Since all my daughters are blondes I was fairly sure I was getting a blonde princess, thus the Snow Fairy had to have amazing blonde hair. This hair is 2 strands of Splendor in very tightly stitched stem stitches, dusted with pearl beads.IMG_4690

The wings are a combinations of fly stitch and stem stitches in Impressions. Sprinkle a few snowflakes from Mill Hill and voila!  The whole stocking only took about 5 different stitches!

So if there is a princess in your life we at Past Times would love to make this Liz Snow Fairy her stocking! Please click here or call us at 361.572.0088 and we will get it to you!!

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