Crazy Hair, I don’t care…….

Have you ever loved something so much that it hurts??? That’s what happens when you get grandchildren. Dylan is my 18 month old granddaughter. She has the most laid back personality of any of my grandchildren. Always a plus. But she does have a little something going on with her hair….

It actually started out pretty straight, with a little wave but then….around October…for some unexplained reason….it really went wild.

IMG_3967Curly, unruly, disheveled, generally crazy hair…

So we have tried to contain it with what we call the “volcano hairdo”. Here is one of my favorite shadow pictures of she and her Aunt Boo Boo!

IMG_2368And then dancing with her Momma……

Hair under control….sort of

I have always pushed my kids to find out the sex of my grandchildren so that I could make sure on “Baby’s First Christmas” there is the perfect heirloom stocking. In our family Christmas is all about the stockings. Whenever we see things throughout the year that are stocking “worthy” they are purchased and stashed till the big night! In my world, that can mean several senior moments and you may end up with two of the same thing…..IMG_2264All our stockings with Santa and nine reindeer

So Dylie is my second granddaughter and fourth grandchild. Her momma wanted her stocking to coordinate with the rest of her family and her Mimi wanted it to be “pretty”. So we decided on this one:


Of course another Liz Goodrick Dillon canvas, Enchanted Santa. I added lots of bling to this one. Santa has a velvet coat trimmed in snowy white fur, lots of beads, crystals, pearls, stars and snowflakes. Everything is pretty encrusted…..

IMG_4237Santa’s beard and the horses mane are both done in an outline/stem stitch again. To me it is the stitch to make them look like real hair. On 18 count canvas the beard is done in one strand of Wisper and the mane is in two strands of Splendor, both by Rainbow Gallery.

It seems the horse is wearing most of the bling:

IMG_4242He has pearls surrounding his conchos, stars and crystals covering his bridle. Even more crystals on the reins and breast plate.

The mittens that Santa has on are not what Liz painted on the canvas. I could not get my mind wrapped around the checkerboard looking mittens. After one or two attempts, I settled on covering them with a jacquard stitch. I often change colors or cover up things that don’t work for me. Even though the artist paints the canvas one way, you are the final say in how it will turn out.

Well…just in…literally from Mountain Shadow and Sharon Hall!

IMG_4257Dylan’s Garden, also known as Amy’s Yellow Garden by Birds of a Feather! Doesn’t it look amazing! That pink glitter mat is perfect, just the thing to enhance such a crazy piece. Plus the hand painted frame, so whimsical…

I think it is just the thing to compliment my crazy haired girl!

As always this canvas and more can be purchased at my website, just click here.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Hair, I don’t care…….

  1. I love that crazy haired little lady, and the Dylan’s garden is one of my favorites pieces you have ever done! I can’t wait to see it in person.


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