My other Redhead

Kathleen is my alter ego. I want to grow up and be Kathleen. She lives on her ranch with all her animals and stitches in bed with her dogs most afternoons.  She has beautiful red hair very similar to my husband,  the Redhead.  I am hoping my granddaughter Dylan will have red hair.

Kathleen was my very first customer. She came in before the store was even finished and my inventory was spread out all over the place. She hasn’t slowed down yet.

IMG_3818My life and Kathleen’s run very linear. When she comes to visit we talk about cows, horses, dogs, oh yes and needlepoint. My favorite Kathleen story was when she needed to shred at her place down by the coast. She was lamenting how to get her tractor down there. “How big is the tractor?” I asked ” I don’t know, pretty big.”  she answered. ” Well, Kathleen, do you think it would fit on a forty foot?” “Oh I am sure.” she said.  “Okay, I will have Sherry bring the forty foot to your house.” Done. So later on that month her sister comes in from California and exclaims how great everything looks now that it is mowed. “However did you get that tractor down here Kathleen?” the sister questioned. “Well, I just went to the needlepoint shop….”

Full service, I just love that Kathleen….love you too…..

So Dylan’s Garden and I are back talking. I found some stitches to work into the background, finished the flower on the left and the big one in the middle.

IMG_3860IMG_3859Love the pom poms in the middle. They are glued in there with fabric glue. I am very new with working with Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl, so don’t look too close….


Got some ideas for the flower on the right, needs a few beads….

Next time we will see what happens with all those leaves and stems……

As always we would love to have you call 361.572.0088 or visit our website to purchase this canvas or anything else we could help you with!

6 thoughts on “My other Redhead

  1. Really been thinking about stitching again. Haven’t really since our Ann left us. Thinking mayb a basket weave 1st then my “stocking”!!! Mayb that should b my New Years resolution!!!Miss the times we had!!!


  2. I haven’t been in the shop for awhile…..we moved to Round Rock. but I thought I would tell you that I completed the snowman with the patchwork quilt. And he is at the frame shop waiting to be picked up. He will hang over a chest in the entry for our first Christmas in the new house!


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